AZ Discreet Computers

Honest and Professionoal
All repairs done by ONE technician
NO outsourcing unless you choose a service for specific needs
Privacy - Anonymity - Confidentiality
Crash and Data Recovery
Re-Install Programs and OS
Install Software and Firewalls
Fix Software and Driver Issues
Virus and Software Removal
Restore System Programs
Network and IT Set Up and Security
Re-Wiring Home and Office
New Computer and Network Setup
WIFI and Bluetooth Issues
Home Automation
Home Theater Installs
Sound System Installation
Consulting on wide variety of tech and home issues
Vehicle Security Systems
Hidden Cameras
Security Cameras for Your Business
Business and Home Surveillance
Assistance for non-tech people - parents, grandparents who need assistance with computers etc.
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Privacy On Computers AND Your Smart Phone!

Don't forget that most of us use Smart Phones on a daily basis. Many people use it to check bank balances and access other sensitive information. Make sure you use a reputable virus / spyware scanning app on a regular basis--but beware of apps on Google Play and other app providers!  Many times, those apps hit you with constant ads, and although they claim to free your phone and optimize it, the opposite is often true.  Did you notice that your battery is drained quickly after downloading one of these "so-called" cleaning apps? 
Whether it's your desktop computer, tablet or phone, Android or iPhone, stay safe and be very careful of what you (or your children) download.  More on this in our upcoming blog.

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